February 16, 2018
February 18, 2018

Love, Loss, and What I Wore is based on the best-seller by Ilene Beckerman as well as the recollections of the Ephrons’ friends. A dark weekend production.


March 2, 2018
March 25, 2018

How much would you pay for a white painting? Would it matter who the painter was? Would it be art? One of Marc's best friends, Serge, has just bought a very expensive painting. It's about five feet by four, all white with white diagonal lines. To Marc, the painting is a joke, but Serge insists Marc doesn't have the proper standard to judge the work.


March 30, 2018
April 1, 2018

Unauthorized intimate reflections with Walt Disney. The play is 80 minutes long with no intermission, and is Rated PG for adult language. A dark weekend production.


April 13, 2018
May 6, 2018

A superbly crafted whodunit with endless red herrings, subplots of infamous spies and an astonishingly prophetic storyline about weapons created through ‘bombarding the atom’.


May 11, 2018
May 13, 2018

A Festival of Original Scripts. A dark weekend production.


May 25, 2018
June 17, 2018

In the madcap comedy tradition of Lend Me a Tenor, the hilarious Moon Over Buffalo centers on George and Charlotte Hay, fading stars of the 1950s.


June 22, 2018
June 24, 2018

Staged reading of an original play. A dark weekend production.


July 7, 2018
July 29, 2018

Creating the First Folio. A New Mexico Premiere


August 10, 2018
August 26, 2018

As a family of Gulf Coast shrimpers wait the return of one of their own trapped on the water by a freak storm, life altering family history is revealed.


September 7, 2018
September 30, 2018

This perennially charming portrait of small town America fifty plus years ago was revived on Broadway in 1980 and in 2002 to critical acclaim.


October 5, 2018
October 7, 2018

Centers around middle-aged dermatologist Martin Cohen who doesn’t believe in God, ghosts, or true love. Maybe that’s why they’re all out to get him. A dark weekend production.


October 19, 2018
November 11, 2018

Nothing is as it seems...


November 16, 2018
November 18, 2018

A dark weekend production.


November 30, 2018
December 16, 2018

Sibling rivalry, adultery, and dungeons – The Lion in Winter, by James Goldman, is a modern-day classic.


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